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Sativa's father is a large white Persian, while her mother is a Siamese mix. She has long hair from her father and gets the Calico effect from her mother. Sativa came to live with me around Christmas 0f 99'. (The picture you see above was her first night in her new home.) She has a pleasant easy going personality. Which is good since she is my first cat. (Formerly did not like cats, prejudices die hard.)   She only "talks" when she wants my attention and is very personable with people. She is well behaved understands what no means and comes when called, mostly. She has never known any kind of punishment and is very trusting of people. Playing with her various mouse-like toys is her favorite activity. Except for laying on windowsills and staring outside. If you can call that an "activity". Sativa is strictly an indoor cat. She does get to go outside occasionally under close supervision. And does not wonder very far. 


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